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  • My analysis of headline-grabbing clickbait about the workplace, some of which we should just ignore.
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  • Links to thoughtful people who are doing, writing, and making things about management.
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You learn to manage people In Real Life; reading is just a supplement.  My newsletters don't feature many (any?) business best-sellers:  there are other voices that amplify the deep creativity you can bring to the work of managing people.

There's no public archive.  #transgressive 

Join me, and your welcome email will contain a link to the most recent newsletter.  This time I'm tackling age discrimination, and the multigenerational workplace.  The guest on my audio is a leading authority on career and workplace issues and trends, Marci Alboher.  Marci and her colleagues at are bringing innovative thought and action to how the skills and abilites of older people can be brought to bear in our communities.

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