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Each month, I send a brief reflection on stories, films -- and more -- to illuminate useful principles for people who manage people at work. 
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You learn to manage people In Real Life; reading is just a supplement.  I don't feature many (any?) business best-sellers:  there other voices that amplify the deep creativity you can bring to the work of managing people.

The syllabus is open source.  The newsletter isn't.  There's no public archive.  #transgressive  

Join me, and your welcome email will contain a link to the February/March issue.  Topic:  what people need at work, right now, via my take on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.  Also, some literary inspiration on managing our own response to workplace ethics.

Next month, workshops, team building and other workplace learning interventions.  My audio segment features Kickstarter's Chase Pashkowicz, on a team building exercise he introduced to his team.

Thank you!

Anne Libby

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