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Do you ruminate about leading people at work?  I'd love to send you my monthly newsletter.

Each month, I send a brief reflection on stories, films -- and more -- to illuminate useful principles for people who manage people at work. 
  • What I'm reading now
  • A practical learning resource that clears the high bar for incluson on my open-source people #management syllabus
  • An audio segment, usually exclusive to the newsletter.  (Here's one that's public.)
  • Links to thoughtful people and what they're doing, writing, making
  • Articles, posts and recommendations from subscribers.
You learn to manage people In Real Life; reading is just a supplement.  I don't feature many (any?) business best-sellers:  there other voices that amplify the deep creativity you can bring to the work of managing people.

The syllabus is open source.  The newsletter isn't.  There's no public archive.  #transgressive  

Join me, and your welcome email will contain a link to the May issue.  Topic: "romantic" relationships at the office.  My audio segment features my conversaiton with coach and psychotherapist Jeremy Robinson, on what companies can do to have a healthy approach to relationships in the workplsce.

The theme for June is TBD!

Thank you!

Anne Libby

P.S.  For 8 weeks this spring, I'm also testing a brief weekly email:  2-3 topical things to read.  Theme:  being human beings, at work!  Based on engagement and people's feedback, I'll decide whether to continue.   Or not!   The test starts April 28.
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